Yoga with Tracy was great. Treat yourself to a massage with her as well, it was the most relaxing experience, (sound of the jungle and ocean as she rubs your aches and pains away).
~ dervishgirl_13, Canada, Trip Advisor
This place returns one to where the heart and soul should be, we just lose our way.
~ Jan and Dave Allen - San Diego, California
The food could challenge that of a fine dining-five star restaurant.
~ A.Geston, Colorado Trip Advisor
The beach is virtually deserted, leaving you with the impression that Iguana Lodge was your private resort.
~ Trip Advisor
And if you want to take a hike or see the rainforest you won't find a better guide than Sidnar...hands down!
~ Heather L. Mosley Linhardt, Missouri, Trip Advisor
I will return!
~ Stephen Mulholland, Pennsylvania, Trip Advisor
In a word- just go!!!
~ Sandy Segal, Ontario, Trip Advisor
It's wonderful. I loved the lodge, the cooking, the family spirit, the conversation.
~ Marty Bauman - Wisconsin
I hated to leave.
~ beaujm, Costa Rica, Trip Advisor
This place changed my life.
~ M. Hambacher, Colorado, Trip Advisor

Save the Turtles

For years Iguana Lodge was the sole sponsor of the Save the Osa Turtle Project (ASTO), and we have birthed thousands and thousands of turtles...and during the torrential rains of October, this phrase comes to mind:  "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers [turtle guards] from the swift completion of their appointed rounds*".  (While we have neither snow nor sleet - thank goodness, this is the tropics! - we have been up a lot in the middle of the night with sea turtles for years.)  

Five species of sea turtles lay on our gorgeous six mile long beach generally between May and December.

As of late, we have been unable to secure the national permits required to allow our project to proceed, but we are attempting to renegotiate this with the Costa Rican government.  We will see!  Meanwhile, the turtles keep coming and every night after sunset during the season, guests can enjoy walking the beach - hoping for a peak at the magnificent creatures.  Hatchings generally occur in the wee morning hours - so take a stroll at first light, and you may see hundreds of the little ones rushing toward the sea.

*FYI: This saying stems from the ancient Greek work of Herodotus describing the Persian system of mounted postal carriers c. 500 B.C.E., and was adopted by the US Postal Service.  BTW, we still deliver turtles on Saturdays.

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