The Osa is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I can't wait to return. That being said, I can't imagine staying anywhere else but the Iguana Lodge.
~ Stephen Mulholland, Pennsylvania, Trip Advisor
The Iguana reminds you what life is all about – connecting. living. reclaiming simplicity. and why without the complexities of life, happiness truly exists.
~ Andrea Ste Marie Hopelain, Los Angeles, Blog- themfdre.com/
In a word- just go!!!
~ Sandy Segal, Ontario, Trip Advisor
You have surely made a paradise on earth.
~ Laura and Louie Pinna - Highland Village, Texas
One could get lost out here...such beauty, marvelous food and great conversation
~ Audrey Ethier - Montreal, Quebec
The food is just spectacular. I would normally expect to become a little bored with even very good food after a whole week of eating at the same place (especially since I'm a total foodie and I have VERY high standards when it comes to cuisine), but
~ LauraM576, Washington, DC, Trip Advisor
My wife and I have been all over the world and every time we go to another country we always wish we would have just booked Iguana.
~ Brian K, CA, Trip Advisor
My new favourite spot on the OSA is Iguana Lodge.
~ Sandy Segal, Ontario, Trip Advisor
Absolutely the best Beach and Food on the Osa - unbelievably delicious food in this remote natural outpost.
~ S. Gilman, Los Angeles
Each morning my partner and I enjoyed hour long yoga sessions.
~ A.Geston, Colorado Trip Advisor

Fabulous One-of-a-Kind Weddings

Iguana Lodge has hosted many weddings - each unique. Celebrate the union of life on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica with us.

We are always pleased to be part of such a special event, whether two or two hundred plan plan to attend the magnificent affair. Whether you long for a luxury wedding or a green wedding (some call it an eco wedding), an intimate affair or a raucous party - you and your family and friends will love Iguana Lodge and the services we provide. We can arrange everything.

  • from the legal work
  • to the professional photography (there are some excellent photographers here in Costa Rica)
  • from the cake (try our lemon curd with coconut, fresh mango with caramel, chocolate with chocolate covered coffee beans)
  • to the flowers (truly incredible tropical flowers - in the States and Europe you could expect to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for all the mind-blowingly beautiful exotic heliconias, gingers, and orchids to name a few)
  • from the dinner - would you prefer a gorgeous beach barbeque or a more formal dinner in our Great Room?
  • to the sky-lanterns, dancing, and fireworks.

We Love Weddings!

We can put packages together that include tours, transfers, etc, and specialize in facilitating group travel arrangements.  

See a recent Iguana Lodge wedding video, filmed by Comfort Studio.

Contact us for more wedding information.

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